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T8 Smart Wireless 2.4GHz Keyboard Air Mouse For Tablet PC


T8-is designed for Smart TVs, Set-top-boxes and  Android TV Boxes.

High Light Features:
2.4G Wireless, USB receiver, simple installation;
Non-directional remote control;
Air Mouse, Anti-shake algorithm;
Wireless keyboard, support working with PC
Android remote control
Somatic game: balance and action kinds of games.
OS: Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux
Devices: PC, Smart TV, Set-top-box,
Network Media Player, Tablet, Game player, etc.

 Accelerometer  ST 3 axis gyroscope
 Gyroscope  ST 3 axis accelerometer
 Communications  2.4G  Wireless , Nordic Soc
 Working Distance  10 m
 Frequency  2.400-2.483Ghz
 Operating current  20 mA
 Sensors  Gyroscope (Air Mouse)
 Battery  500mA chargeable Lithium battery
 Indicator light  Dual LED light
 Air mouse dimension  151*45*14mm
 Receiver dimension  18.58*14.59*6.7mm
 Weight  75g
 USB Port  USB2.0
 OS  Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux

2.4G wireless remote control USB Receiver

2.4G wireless control, abandon traditional IR limits, able to control TV/PC any direction. In the air by waving air mouse, to move cursor on screen, operate at your willing perfectly. Comfortable feel, convenient operation, fully avoid IR limits, even lay on your back, relax and fully control PC,TV,etc.
Adopt 2.4GHZ technology, realized quick transmission, strongly anti-interference, sensible, operation distance reach 10m.
USB receiver, compatible with any device with USB port, includes PC, TV, Set top box, game players, media players, etc.

Air Mouse, Anti-shake

Free Space Air Mouse. T8-is based on Gyroscope Mems system, providing new style of MOUSE experience. With Anti-shake algorithm, C120 can provide accurate and easy control of the mouse cursor.

Somatic Games
Somatic Games: I.e. physical game experience, abandon traditional way, use your body movement to operate new electronic games. (for example: Wii, iPhone, PlayStation Move,Xbox360.
Built-in gyroscope and accelerometer able to sense hands movements,  to control game. F.E. Wii.

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